Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow! A lot of snow!

It is so beautiful outside! It really is. I am not a bi gfun of winter season, but 1 month of snowing, beautiful sunrises and sunsets make me happy. More than 1,5 months - make me depressed! :)
So, today me and my friend Ana went to walk on the frozen pond! Exciting!!!
And the fun shopping afterwards! :)
Anyway, yesterday we have already had a Christmas program at my university. That was nice! It always bring some unknown warm feeling inside. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On sweet girls

I suddenly realized - everything everywhere is about these beautiful or not exactly, but relatively slim girls. It is so rare that someone photographs a +size girl and others find it attractive. But they are, they can be! It's all about challenging your own beauty standarts by stopping for a seconf a looking closer to the picture. You'll definitely see that she has beautiful green eyes, rosy cheeks, full lips, vivd smile, and huge optimistic desire to live inside of her! All it takes you is one moment of your life. But it can bring so much more colour and diversity to your world. :peace: :heart:
All these pictures are from the photoshoot with my lovely roommate, Gabriel. It was initiated by me, as I see her as sweet person and very beautiful girl.

Love, sweet candies, and peace! :)