Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flower crown for the wedding

Hello, lovelies! About a week ago my brother gor married! Woohooo, right? ;) So, I wanted to wear something special on his special day. I figured that something handmade would definitely make me stand out of the crowd. As I was planning on wearing a dress with violet flower print and was inspired with some wonderful blogposts - I decided to make the oh-so-popular right now flower crown.
Привет, дорогие! У меня новости - около недели назад мой старший брат связал себя узами брака. То бишь, женился... То есть - ура, товарищи! ;) Я, конечно же, не могла упасть в грязь лицом и хотела надеть что-то особенное. Немного подумав, я решила, что что-то сделанное своими руками спасет любой наряд и выделит меня из толпы гостей. И, поскольку, я планировала одеть платье с фиолетовым цветочным принтом и была под впечатлением от прочитанных недавно блог-постов - я решила смастерить популярный в этом сезоне веночек из искусственных цветов.

You can see the result of my efforts on these snapshots from the wedding day - I was also a "part-time photographer" for my big brothers special day.  :) Oh, and don't be astonishes with that violet lace thing on my left arm - it's not a new trend. ;)  I just have scratched it a big deal during the weekend and didn't want all the guests to see me like this. :)
И вот, вы уже можете увидеть результаты моего кропотливого труда на нескольких фотографиях со свадьбы. Как видите, я так же выполняла роль фотографа на этом празднике любви. :) Ах да, и не удивляйтесь это странной кружевной повязке у меня на локте - это не новый тренд. Дело в том, что за неделю до торжества я сильно расцарапала локоть и хотела скрыть сие дело от гостей. :)

And here are a bride and a groom!
А вот и жених с невестой!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gaining Confidence Through Fashion

Hey guys, today I have a beautiful and inspiring blog post fwritten by charming Anya from!Enjoy and post your thoughts in the comments! *heart* Sasha.

There's nothing more attractive than confidence! A confident woman doesn't need to turn heads by showing a lot of skin. A healthy sense of self-appreciation shines through in a flash of the eyes or the silent laugh of a smile. All women deserve to feel good about themselves and their individual attributes. Allow fashion to help you raise your self-esteem while also providing you an opportunity for personal expression. A woman's body is a work of art and fashion is how the canvas gets painted from head to toe. When summer approaches, embrace the sun's warmth as a chance to get more creative in your fashion choices. Have fun with what you wear and that sense of fun will translate a red carpet appeal to others around you!

Summer fashions typically contain brighter colors. Use your own eye color as a starting point for choosing colors that suit you if you're otherwise unsure. The eyes are often the first thing a new person notices when meeting you so choose clothing and colors that compliment them and make them stand out. Of course, you can also accessorize your eyes with an array of sunglass styles or your feet with the hottest of any women’s shoes collection. So don't forget about this summers color schemes. A shoe that compliments the colors in your outfit can really complete the ensemble, while those that clash will stand out for the wrong reasons. Shoes can also boost a woman's confidence by increasing her height; consider women's shoes with platforms and heels if you’d like to be a bit taller. It's all about what makes you feel good about you—but don’t be afraid to be bold and daring this summer!
Maxi dresses are by far my all time fav this summer season! A comfortable option in the heat that is suitable for so many different occasions. They can be worn when going out for a night on the town or for a casual shopping trip with girlfriends. They are free flowing, which allow you to feel the benefits of a cool summer breeze and they fit tight enough around the waist to provide you with comfortable support. 

Vintage jewelry is another way of having fun with an outfit. The colors of the jewelry can contrast directly with the rest of the outfit if you wish to draw attention to it. You can also have one color scheme for your jewelry and another for the rest of the outfit.

Confidence-boosting fashion doesn't have to break the bank. There's nothing sexier than a woman who likes the way she looks, so strut your stuff this summer season!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Photoshoot: Anna

Last month I had a photoshoot with my beautiful co-worker Anna. Anna hates her thik curly hair. I think it's gorgeous. 
Let's convince this silly girl otherwise! Do you like her hair? ;)