Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maximum Fun

 Yesterday I passed my last exam! Woo-hooo! To have some rest and to celebrate, my friend Ana and I went to have some rest to the nearest pond. In this blue maxi skirt (which is not exactly maxi on me, becasue I'm so tall! Haha) I almost felt like I was from the 18th century, while I was reading a novel aloud and Ana was resting aside and commenting on the plot. Haha.

 I also took shorts with me in order to get some color to my white legs. :) And, yes, I finally spotted a blooming tree! Haven't seen one this spring until yesterday! Yay! The blossoms of cherry smell so-so good!

And guys... I am graduating tomorrow!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

May Wishlist

I am sorry for posting so rarely lately in my blog. I've been busy with the exams and all the graduation stuff! Tomorrow is my final exam, and there is only graduation left to survive.. hehe.
So, here is a quick post about what I wish to buy this May. 
May wishlist

See, lately I am stuck on the accessories. I finally think that I have enough clothes for now in order not to wear the same outfit for a week. That's a good score, and now I really need to think of the ways to personilize my outfits. I always was wearing a minimal number of accessories, being afraid to look like a Christmas tree. :) Thus, my collection is not big enough for my current idea of the individual style.
I recently started craving to buy a cute straw hat. You, blogging ladies, inspired me to imagine myself in a lovely dress, straw hat with the ribbon, and with the bicycle. Ideal picture, right? I know. And I am not at all 100% sure I am gonna wear the hat if I'm buying it, but I start loosing in front of this inner demand...
I love bracelets with all kinds of charms. They just look so cute and gilry to me!
I loooove big rings. Lately, I want one with the white stone, and one with the blue stone.
You, girls, rock feathers! I want some too! They look very gentle and romantic to me!
I feel like I just physically need to buy a pair of the flat gladiators, but the gilry ones. I see so many outfits emerging from this purchase. And I also need a nude bag to match my new shoes!
Ta daaa! :) What is your May wishlist?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One down, two more to go

My exam week has started today! Oh my! I already had the first exam, which was easy and fun. Tomorrow and on Friday I also have exams, so wish me luck! :)
This is how I looked after the exam today on my way to the shop to buy some sweets.

 The skirt and the top are thrifted. As for the shoes, I bought them last weekend. I was looking for something simple, yet cute and preferably nude. Did I succeed? :)

 This is my roommate and friend Ana, who agreed to take pictures of me for the blog!

Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun

Happy Easter, sweeties!!
As I live and study far away from my family, I spent Easter with my university family - my roommates! We went to the beach and had some fun, as well as a small photoshoot for them from me! :)

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

La cancion del mar

Today was my last day pof classes at my university...EVER! I am not sure if I'm happy about graduation, but I'm definitely pleased by the fact I don't have to go to classes anymore!
So, I have finally took the chance the weather was kindly suggesting for a few days now, and went to the beach with my friend Ana!
 This was a cute dog of the cute old lady walking at the beach. The little fellow was friendly, but cautious!

We had so much fun walking and taking pictures! The weather was beyond warm and lovely! It was sunny, but chilly wind was coming from the sea, bringing the smell of seaweeds. This smell always reminds me of my childhood trips to the sea with my parents.
I attempted to take a few "standard" outfit pictures for the blog. See, what we came up with in between the giggles and jokes! :D

But as you know, my heart leans towards the conceptual and more "artistic" side of photography. So a few (LOADS!) of those followed. I promise, I will not post the whole bunch! ;)

Hope you enjoeyed the holly Friday too! Happy Easter!! <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, today was the Closing Assembly at my university, which usually means that the time left in this semester counts by days. True story. This is the last week of classes, followed up by the week of finals and graduation ceremony. This last closing assebly and last BBQ really felt special and bitter-sweet, as they are indeed LAST for me. I am graduating from the university on May 1, 2011. So, I have mixed feelings...
My friend and I walked around the campus just to kill time before going back to the room and studying.

...and took a few pictures in the coffee room, which has the most exciting painting ever! :)
Happy coming Friday, my friends!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

Hello there! So, today was a totally warm day that would finally fit the season title "SRING". It made me so relaxed and excited, so I didn't even really dress up. I just put on my favorite oversized white top, H&M shorts , leather jacket (which you won't see on the pictures) some jewelry and black boots (nope, not photographed here), and that was it.

Pardon me my even more relaxed look on these photos. I was at home for a while, waiting for my roommate to come and take my pictures. But I was too lazy to even put my boots back on. So, here I stand before you barefoot in the dormitory hall. Haha!

 This ring-bracelet I actually made by myself. If someone doesn't know how is it done, I could share the steps! ;)

As I shared in the previous post, I love to paint my nails! So for this few days I painted them gray.

Does my ombre hair look somewhat better when it's dry? :D