Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeing the beauty around you...

Today was definitely something special in the air. Chilly wind and hot sun made a perfect weather for a walk and brought this special interest to everything I was looking at.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clemence Poesy

I naturally tend to like dark-haired girls more (no offends, sweet blonds!). Probably, because it is easier for me to relate to their image and appearence, as I have dark hair too. However, there is something about this girl, proudly named Clemence Poesy, that makes me look at every single her picture more than once.  A plain usual girl with "duck" lips,  miss Poesy gets me with the depth of the look in her eyes. There is something wise and naive about those eyes, and there is something very childish and at the same time feminine in her face... She's got the elegance and charm of a real lady and added some spicy lively energy to it. Quite a delightful cocktail for my taste!


Обычно, темноволосые девушки нравятся мне больше (без обид, милые блондинки!). Возможно, так случается потому, что мне легче ассоциировать себя с внешностью и образом темноволосой барышни, поскольку я шатенка.  Тем не менее, есть что-то в этой девушке, гордо именуемой Клеменс Поэзи, что заставляет меня пересматривать ее фото снова и снова. Обычная девушка с "утиными" губками, мисс Поэзи захватывает мое сознание глубоким и многозначительным взглядом. Есть что-то мудрое и наивное в ее глазах. Есть что-то детское и, в то же время, женственное в ее лице... У нее есть элегантность и шарм настоящей леди, к которым она добавила кипящую жизненную энергию. Очень вкусненький коктейль, как по мне!

What do you think? Like or dislike miss Poesy? :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Find your perfect combination

Hola, ladies! Today I'd like to share something with you. I have looked for and proudly found  color palletes which perfectly show the most suitable, fashionable, and pretty color combinations. Now putting together whether an outfit in one color gamma or color-blocked edgy look is way easier. Just print out your favorite block of colors and go shopping with it! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

New ring to come and some photos

Recently I made my first Ebay bargain (wasn't that scary)! Hopefully everything goes smooth and well, and by the end of the month I get my cute pink ring! It was a cheap deal, as I wanted to try my luck and skills in Ebay purchasing. Wish me luck! :)

And here are some photos, which I like and which make me think about our true selves. A person who wears a mask can be anyone. The question is - is this person brave enough to take that mask off and show the worls his/her true face?..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

HP ladies

July 7 was marked by the premiere of the last part of the Harry Potter saga in London. Here are the pictures of the gowns the ladies wore that night, What do you think? Which look do you prefer?

Emma Watson

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer party

Summer is the perfect time for the parties and for us to shine in your best outfits, right? Nevertheless, each one of us imagines the "party" differently. So, lately, when I was thinking about all this I decided to compose a few different outfits.

Cruise Party

Sea Party

Yellow is the color of summer and sun. Why not use it to highlight the sunten? Blue accessories are going well with yellow and represent the sea and the sky. The fun clutch with the octopus will add young energy and great mood. Light makeup is perfect for summer evening, when your skin glows in the ray of sunset. You'll definitely be the star of the cruise ship!

Home Party

Home Party

Summer is the perfect time for organizing an outdoor home party with great music, home-made foods, games and dances! Denim shorts has proven to be one of the most comfortable clothes ever, so wear them and enjoy! Some lace on your top will add the festive mood to the outfit. Feathers and bright hat will definitely expose your femininity. Wedges (or flats) are the best shoes for this kind of party - you won't have problem with heels stuck in the lawn!

Beach Party

Cruise Party

White lace dressis definitely a must-have of summer 2011! It's fresh, feminine, and sexy. Pair it with turquoise accessories, nude headband, and a straw clutch. This look is perfect for the party next to the sea!

What would you suggest to wear to the hot summer party?