Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clemence Poesy

I naturally tend to like dark-haired girls more (no offends, sweet blonds!). Probably, because it is easier for me to relate to their image and appearence, as I have dark hair too. However, there is something about this girl, proudly named Clemence Poesy, that makes me look at every single her picture more than once.  A plain usual girl with "duck" lips,  miss Poesy gets me with the depth of the look in her eyes. There is something wise and naive about those eyes, and there is something very childish and at the same time feminine in her face... She's got the elegance and charm of a real lady and added some spicy lively energy to it. Quite a delightful cocktail for my taste!


Обычно, темноволосые девушки нравятся мне больше (без обид, милые блондинки!). Возможно, так случается потому, что мне легче ассоциировать себя с внешностью и образом темноволосой барышни, поскольку я шатенка.  Тем не менее, есть что-то в этой девушке, гордо именуемой Клеменс Поэзи, что заставляет меня пересматривать ее фото снова и снова. Обычная девушка с "утиными" губками, мисс Поэзи захватывает мое сознание глубоким и многозначительным взглядом. Есть что-то мудрое и наивное в ее глазах. Есть что-то детское и, в то же время, женственное в ее лице... У нее есть элегантность и шарм настоящей леди, к которым она добавила кипящую жизненную энергию. Очень вкусненький коктейль, как по мне!

What do you think? Like or dislike miss Poesy? :)


  1. Definitely like! I think she's gorgeous and ethereal, and classic.

  2. О, Боже! Какая чудная подборка моей любимой it-girl! Она божественна!

  3. she was in gossip girl! she has such a unique look!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. She's such a natural beauty, loved her and her looks in Gossip Girl and off course her acting in Harry Potter :D !

  5. Like alot! She has such great style and it simply gorgeous! Great post!

    Girl about Town XxX

  6. she has very intense eyes, I prefer dark-haired girls too! i think she looks amazing as blonde but I would like to see her with brown hair too :)

  7. I absolutely adore Clemence Poesy! Because I'm dark haired, I also relate more easily to beautiful dark haired women, but I think I love Clemence because she is the blonde girl I would want to be- natural, unusual, and completely unlike every other blonde girl in Hollywood. And she has amazing style :)

  8. You've chosen amazing pictures especially the black and white ones. She's so elegant and chic. Definitely love!

  9. i dont think she can take a bad picture! she is just so gorgeous


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