Friday, August 29, 2014

flower child

Remember the flower crown I made this summer? Since I couldn't wait to photograph someone in it, I haunted down a pretty girl Julia on the Internet and asked her if she'd like to be photographed as a flower child. She said "yes" and here's what we've got.
RUS: Помните веночек, который я сделала этим летом? Так вот, мне не терпелось поскорее в нем кого-нибудь пофотографировать, поэтому я выследила прекрасную Юлю в интернете и предложила ей съемку на природе. К счастью, Юля любит фотографироваться и согласилась на авантюру с незнакомым фотографом. :) Вот, что получилось.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

how to create a picture with multiple links

Lately I've been so interested in web and graphic design, trying to create simple changes in my blog on my own. It challenges me, and I like it. :)

About 2 months ago I've changed the banner, and yesterday (God knows why these ideas come to my head around midnight) I created the "About Me" page. It still needs work, but I am happy I started the change. 

Instantly I had this idea to finally update my profile picture. I didn't like the generic blogger tiny picture with text added on the bottom. So, I went on the internet for inspiration and noticed that I enjoyed the look and functionality of the profile pictures with built-in social media icons and links to those profiles.

Now, how the heck do I do that?! I've never studied html or CSS. I even learned the "image mapping" word combination last night (apparently, that's how making a picture with multiple different links is called. You're welcome!).

Apparently, there is a way around all the programming! There is a website called which does all the dirty programming work for you. Here's how I did it:

1.  I created a 300x300 px white square in Photoshop and threw in all the pictures I wanted to show up on my final image, including pretty watercolored social media icons (which you can download for free here). If you want the picture to look seamless, choose the color of the background (white in my case) according to the color scheme of your website.

2. Go to any image hosting website and load your image there to receive a direct link to your image. Image Maprs website deletes the images that were loaded from your computer within 24 hours without premium membership. We don't want our work go to waste, right?

3. Go to and paste the link to your image.

4. Click "Continue."

5. You will land on the mapping page, which is basically an empty page with your image on it and a yellow banner with instructions. Follow them. Basically, for every link you want to include on your image you will make a little rectangle. After you are done, your image will look something like this.
6. For each rectangle you make, you want to change the Map URL to the link you want this exact part of the image to lead. For example, for the rectangle with my portrait I added the URL of my "About Me" page and changed the title to "About Me."

7. After you are done with all the rectangles and links, right click on the screen and choose "Get Code" option. Copy the HTML code of your image map. Go to your Blogger menu, choose Design - Add New Widget - HTML and paste your code into the new widget window. Save changes. Move the widget into the desired place of your blog layout. You're done! That was easy, right? :)

Please, share links to your blogs if you decide to make image maps with this tutorial, I'd love to see your hard work! :)
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Monday, July 7, 2014

flower power

Lately I've been obsessed with flower crowns (as you can see from my Instagram). They just make so much sense to me now, when it is summer and the nature is at  its wildest state.

Since I am a lazy crafter, who obsesses over DIY-ed stuff but rarely gets to do the projects, I decided to give myself a little cick in the bum and make the crown myself.

So, if you've ever wondered how to make your very own flower crown, listen up. The process of making is quite easy and self-explanatory: you cut off the flowers from stems and hot glue them to the headband. Nothing revolutionary here, it's what any other tutorial on the internet teaches us. But trust me, you will feel so proud of yoursel for making the effort and creating something on your own!

Finito! :)

 Obviously, I had to make an impromptu photoshoot (read "phone snapshots") in my newest creation. ;))

What is your latest creation? 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

taking stock

I found this beautiful post at Pip's blog and thought it would be a good idea for me to reflect on life once in awhile. I rarely do such things. Most of the times I am afraid I would dissapoint myself by understanding how unexcited my life seems at times. But you know what - this is still my life and I only live it once. So I am trying to teach myself to love little things around me.

Photos from my Instagram: sasha_zeen

making: plans for the future.
cooking: macaroni and cheese over and over again. I need to stop.
drinking: green tea. Always.
reading: young adult literature. This is my guilty pleasure and an embarassing secret I never tell to anyone.
wanting: to find my place on this planet. 
looking: forward to wearing my white keds. It's been cold and rainly lately, so I kept them safe in the closet.
playing: Solo. Love this card game. (emm, it's the same as the Uno one. Just different name)
wasting: time.  Much more time than it would be wise to waste. In need of changes.
sewing: a hole in my cute sock. Apparently, my new cute boots tear my cute socks. It sucks.
wishing: for strong will to make bold decisions in life.
enjoying: morning hours in a sunlit emprty appartment. Always loved being home alone.
waiting: for the meeting with my friend who has lived in Brazil for the last couple of years. Now she came to visit!
liking: being woke up by sun rays into my window. 
wondering: where life will take me.
loving: nights in, watching movies, playing board games, and drinking tea. I am boring.
hoping: to find my calling soon. I get frustrated when I cannot choose between multiple passions of mine. There are so many things I like to do, but I feel like I finally need to choose one main big thing and be very good at it.
marveling: at blooming apricots. They have my favorite blossoms - reddish pink.
needing: to make a healthy diet for spring season,
smelling: the parfume I had as a teenager and recently was given again as a gift. So many memories!
wearing: ankle boots. I have no idea why I shied away from this trend for so long. But I got a pair last month and have been loving them since.
following: my passhion for photography more often. I am still searching for the genre I love the most.
noticing: how nature gets more alive with each sunny day.
knowing: that I have to make some important decisions very soon.
thinking: i have to cook more complicated dishes sometimes. Afterall, I love cooking.
bookmarking: lifestyle bloggers.
opening: the windows.
giggling: all the time.
feeling: anxious.

If you decide to make such list, feel free to share the link in the comments. I'd love to read them!

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Friday, March 7, 2014


How gorgeous is this pastel style shoot photographed by Jason Kibbler with Lexi Boling (Ford)? I seriously feel like the spring wibes have already gotten to me and I fall for fresh colors more often. Too bad that weather is not that allowing me to experiment with pastels yet, so I stick to my winter colors for now. But I do anticipate the moment when the sun gets a bit warmer and I can go hardcore on spring colors, don't you? :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

favorite Paris FW streetstyle looks

Before I go into a fashion topic, I want to pause for a moment and tell you all a BIG human THANK YOU for supporting me and my country, giving words of courage and love. You are such beautiful people!
RUS: Прежде, чем я перейду к теме моды, я хочу сказать вам всем БОЛЬШОЕ человеческое СПАСИБО за слова поддержки в сторону нашей страны. Вы - прекрасные, добрые люди!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Please, help to spread the word!

I know many people stay clueless about the current situation in Ukraine. The government is killing innocent citizens who came out for a peaceful demonstration back in November 2013. People have stood their ground for 3 monthes already. Yet, the government stays blind to the demands made by the nation. Soldiers, police, and special forces attack citizens on the streets of Kiev. Yesterday, around 30 people were killed and around 2 thousand people badly injured during the demonstration. The President takes sick leaves, hides behind the backs of the police, and doesn't do ANYTHING. Anything at all, except for sending more armed forces to attack his nation.
Please, spread the word! We need your help! We need outter interference, because the situation in the country is close to civil war. Just share this video, or just tell about it to your friends and family. People of Ukraine need all the help theu can get!

Here is a link to the 24 News Channel which has information in English.

Thank you for not staying indifferent.

P.S. I did not mean to be political in this blog. But when such things happen, you just cannot stay aside. Thanks for understanding.
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Monday, February 10, 2014

15 free printable calendars for 2014

It's not so long since the beginning of 2014 when I started feeling the lack of printed calendar in my life.  Don't get me wrong, the phone and computer calendar apps are life-savers, but I am a sucker for good old printed calendar on my desk or wall. But those mushy kitten or horses calendars that are sold in stores are not my piece of candy.
Today I finally ventured into the broad ocean of WWW to find my perfect calendar. I am so glad I did! Even though now I have troubles choosing only one. I even consider printing a few and strategically placing them in different corners of my room. ;)

I thought I'd as well share with you some of my favorite finds in no particular order. 

Click away! ;)
RUS: Уже пошел второй месяц 2014 и я явно ощущаю пустоту в своей жизни, образованную отсутствием календаря на моем столе. Да, календарь на смартфоне или компьютере - безумно полезная вещь, но ничто не заменит добрый старый напечатанный календарь! Магазинный выбор не радует меня, засыпая кошачьими мордочками и лошадиными копытцами. Поэтому, я решила взять ситуацию в свои руки и поискать подходящий календарь в интернете. Вот парочка моих самых любимых (все на английском).

1. Free Printable 2014 Calendar 
Crafty and feminine designs. Love it!

Clean and... well, Scandinavian design. Perfection!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

coat obsession

Technically, it is still one month till spring. But in real life, it will probably take 2-2,5 more months until the warmer days arrive. 
Nonetheless, I cannot help but obsess over the spring coats, while cozying up in my puff jacket amongst the -20C cold.
I noticed that recently I gravitate towards the pastel colored (or mono-colored, in general) coats with simple, straight silhouette. My soul craves structered simplicity with feminine touch. Moreover, I am seriously considering trying out some knit coats (or, coatigans, they call it?)

RUS: С технической точки зрения, остался всего лишь месяц до наступления весны. Но на самом деле, я подозреваю, что этот процесс займет намного дольше времени! И  тем не менее, я не могу перестать рассматривать весенние пальто в онлайн магазинах. Меня так и тянет к пальто прямого кроя пастельных оттенков (или, в общем, одноцветных). Хочется какой-то простоты и чистоты линий, что ли... Более того, я все чаще засматриваюсь на вязанные пальто, так похожие на обычные длинные кардиганы. А вам какие больше нравятся?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

baby, it's cold outside

Lately it's been freezing cold outside! The temperature got as lo as -20C (around -4 F). Obviously, all these days I looked far from cute and fashionable, and rather bulky and funny while trying to stay warm.
Here are some pictures made with my old film camera. I think film has this romantic flare to it, so even  my outfit looks... ok! :))
RUS: Последние несколько дней серьезно попахивали ледниковым периодом! Температура опускалась до -20 С!  Естественно, в эти дни мой внешний вид неприятно удивил бы всех любителей моды... Но, что поделать, тепло мне дороже! :)
Тут несколько карточек, снятых на мой старенький пленочный фотоаппарат. Как-то захотелось романтического флёра, который есть только у пленочных фотографий. :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


hi there! it's been a while. How have you been? :)
Sorry I missed all the fun during the holiday season. Happy holidays!
Here is a short post to remind myself that I am alive and still able to type some letters. Or rather that I am capable of battling my own lazyness. ;)

RUS: Привет! Давненько я не писала... Как дела? :) поскольку я пропустила все праздники - с праздниками вас!! Это небольшой пост, как бы намекающий, что я еще жива и способна сражаться с собственной ленью. ;) Этот лук я надевала для похода в кино на "47 ронинов". Неплохой фильм, вполне в духе всех японских фильмов... Если вам понравился когда-то "Последний самурай", то и этот фильм придется по душе.

This outfit I wore the other day for a movie night. Neon beanies rule!