Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year outfit inspiration

Where do you go when you need a little push on what you're gonna wear? More so if it's a special occasion? I honestly am a person that needs inspiration on a daily basis. In everything. I like to see pretty things and people and take bits and pieces of their beauty into my own world.
When it comes to outfits your, guys, blogs and are the places to go. Tomorrow is a New Year Eve and I seriously needed some injection of fashion insiration. Let me share some of my faves.

Sparkles, flowy materials, and flowers. For those who likes to look festive, but delicate. Would be perfect for a romantic New Year date ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Giveaway winner

I am sorry I didn't announce the winner on the 1st of December as promised. I didn't have Internet connection throughout the weekend. And I did more than I managed to do through the whole month: I did some room decorations (let me know if you want to see them), went some shopping, crafted a few things. Sometimes computer steals so much of your quality time... just sayin'...

So, here we go down to the winner of November Giveaway (drumroll)
It's comment #8 :)
Congrats, Katie Jane! Please, write me an e-mail to aleksandrazeen (@) with the topic "Giveaway winner." Please, specify your shipping address.

Also, today it snowed the first time this winter! I am so excited! It was really beautifull...
Happy December!
Все выходные не было интернета. Удивительно, сколько человек может сделать полезного, когда нет потребности (и желания) все время сидеть, уткнувшись носом в компьютер. Я успела многое: декорировала комнату, смастерила несколько поделок, сходила за покупками.
Кстати, поздравления принимает Katie Jane, которая выиграла мой  Giveaway!
А еще, сегодня у нас пошел первый зимний снег! Это было очень красиво!
Счастливого декабря!
Let it snow 1

Let it snow 2