Friday, January 13, 2012

Dancing Queen

Ha! Guess what, guys? The old good Sasha decided to go to dancing classes! :D At first, I wanted to attend contemporary dancing classes, but my body is SO not prepared for wthat they do in the studio. So instead, I went to the Hip-Hop Heels classes. I wouldn't say that it is much easier, but affordable. The rhythm is so fast, I instantly forget all the moves I learned earlier. Agggrrrrr... What is your opinio, should I go for it even though I am... emm...lame at dancing? Or should I quit and find hobby I am at least good at?! :)

Here is our dance teachers performing recently at the club. I think I will need at least a year to dance as good. Haha

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fill in the blings

Hello, lovelies!

Today I was thinking about the main things that make a woman elegant and sophisticated. And the truth was once said: nothing makes a girl more exquisite than the elusive smell of the expensive perfume and a sparkle of diamonds on her body. Especially, on the feminine thin wrist!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Eve sneak peek

This is a quick look over me on the 1st of Januray, after the night of celebration. I surely look tired. So trust my word, on the evening of the 31st of December I looked prettier :D

Hope you enjoy your "afterparty" season, slowly coming back to work relaxed and ready to go for.. whatever you want to go for! ;)

P.S. The headpiece was made by me for the corporate [arty we had on the 29th of December. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa Loves Me!

Unfortunately here, in Ukraine, Christmas is less of a deal than a New Year party. That's why I was keeping quite all these days while you were sharing the snap shots of your Christmas parties and presents. But now I've got some to share too! Hahahaaa *evil laugh* :) 

Here's why I think Santa loves me this year - many presents and all of them much LOVED. :) Tomorrow I will be posting some shots of me during the New Year eve and a few more of my gifts to myself :)