Monday, January 9, 2012

Fill in the blings

Hello, lovelies!

Today I was thinking about the main things that make a woman elegant and sophisticated. And the truth was once said: nothing makes a girl more exquisite than the elusive smell of the expensive perfume and a sparkle of diamonds on her body. Especially, on the feminine thin wrist!

Recently, I was looking through Christmas posts of one of my all times favorite blogger – Veronika from Girl and Closet. And, oh dear, in the New Years post “Look Book: Party Dresses & Hello 2012!!” she was wearing this charming diamond tennis bracelet from Anjolee. 

Well, obviously, I headed to the website to check them out. What girl can say calm when the topic is jewelry?!  Especially, when you can not only choose a diamond bracelet but customize it according to your preferences of metal type, diamond quality, diamond size, and length! Dreams come true!

Now, when I was wearing this outfit yesterday I thought I looked very preppy and classy. Immediately, I was scrolling the pages of Anjolee’s tennis bracelet section trying to imagine which one would fit my lace bottom dress and pink feminine shirt best of all. These few seemed like perfect to me. Which one would you choose to match my outfit?


  1. You look so classy. I love the 2nd one, it is not only gorgeous but a bit different.


  2. I adore your outfit, it's so cute! The second bracelet is my favourite, it has such a dreamy look.


  3. Aw, yay lady thanks so much for the shout out!! I absolutely love Anjolee they have such pretty things. As for your selection?! Ah, love them all... but I think the second one definitley has my name on it!! xo V

  4. I really love the third one - simple but gorgeous!

  5. Darling post! I'm really loving the detail of the collar of your shirt <3 its the definition of feminity!


  6. You look so gorgeous. And I totally agree, diamonds, a beautiful perfume. You can't get anymore feminine. Love it. I've never been a huge fan of tennis bracelets, but those are gorgeous.


  7. I like the middle bracelet best, but think that with your outfit maybe the 1st one would be best. Lovely shots today. You look great. Xxxx

  8. i like the bracelet,im having a H&M x Versace dress giveaway,come join?

  9. I love these pictures honey, especially the first one. I think I'd choose the second bracelet because it's as beautiful and romantic as your outfit.

  10. An Anjolee bracelet would be h perfect finishing touch on this lovely, classic outfit! It's so hard to choose a favourite, but I think I love the last one best - it just epitomises feminine delicacy. Hope it's wrapped around your wrist one day :)


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