Friday, August 26, 2011

Didn't expect them

Hey guys! Thank you so much for helping me in my shoe-dilemma. Your opinion was very valuable for me! Thus, it has divided almost 50/50%, SOOOO... I didn't but those shoes. I decided they were to expensive for me right now...

BUT, instead, I bought these cuties for the half price! (50% sale is always so heartwarming... *tear*)

What do you think? Like 'em or hate 'em?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To buy or not to buy?

Hu guys! Today I just really need your fashionable and rational opinion. So here is the thing: for the whole summer I was looking for a pair of brown sandals. Preferably, flats. But heels and platforms were just as OK. Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything that I would wear with pleasure and confidence. Now the summer is almost ended, I found a pair of cute brown high heels that look like that (and one more pair of those on platforms):
The roblem is - these babies are quite expensive. I am not really sure if it's worth the game to buy them now. Or is it beter to save money for cute autumn shoes? What do ya think?

Yeah, there is one more problem: my height is 180cm (5'10''). So I am indeed will look quite impressive wearing those HIGH heels. I usually prefer wearing something lower or flat!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last summer florals

The last days of summer made me crave for floral textures, light textile, and fresh color even more. It resulted in a summery outfit like this. And bright coral lips like this. :)

White lace top was thrifted a few days ago. It appeare to be one size bigger than it was necessary. Still, it was so cute that I decided to buy it anyways and style the "extra" part of it to a cute "rose".

Do you still prefer to wear summer colors and textures, or slowly move into the autumn tendencies?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to 19th century Ukraine

Today I came back home from a traditional Ukrainian fair named Sorochinsky Fair.Six hour trip there and the same amount of time to come back home - exhausting. But it really was worth it 100%! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Long time no see

OMG! Who knew that working takes SO much time? You wake up in the morning and think about the upcoming working day. Then you work for 8 hours, have lunch and lots of fun with the co-workers, and go home thinking only about "What should I cook and when should I go to bed?" 

I am sorry, working ladies, if I have ever been bragging about you not posting often. Oh, how I feel for you now, haha. So, Teen Vogue's post "Fashion blogging tips" came to me just in time. I have to work seriously on the frequency of my posts, hah.

Бог мой! Кто бы мог подумать, что работа отнимает СТОЛЬКО времени?! Просыпаюсь утром и только и мыслей, что о предстоящем рабочем дне. потом работа на протяжении 8 часов, ланч, исполненный рабочих шуточек, и дорога домой с мыслями "чего бы поесть и как-бы поскорее лечь спать"!

Простите меня, работающие девушки, если я когда-либо ныла по поводу частоты ваших постов. Я вас теперь ох как понимаю! :) Поэтому, статья на сайте Teen Vogue "Fashion Blogging Tips" пришлась как-раз кстати! Я должна серьезно поработать над частотой своих постов! :D


Monday, August 1, 2011

Changes in life

Hello, sweethearts! I am sorry for not posting for such a long time. But life itsef takes so much quality time sometimes. It turnes radically and than races towards the new goal. Thus, I have big news. They are big rather for me than for you, but I wanted to share the whole week - I've got my FIRST official job ever! I am so excited about this fact. Now I am proudly named a Tech Marketing Promoter. 

I was going to work every morning for the last week and I must say it feels wierd. Till now I didn't realize that I am a grown-up, and all grown-up go to work at least 5 times a week...every week, every months, every year. That's something that is so new to me and takes time to realilze - I am a grown-up, I have to make money for leaving. So, a week has passed, I still feel wierd but start to adopt the thought that this is how my life is going to look like for nearest 6-7 months.

I am lucky to say that my new job doesn't requre a certain style of clothing. So I am pretty free to wear whatever I like, at least I really like to go nacked! Yahooo!Thus, to relate this post to fashion, so you won't get bored with my talks, I'd like to demonstrate how my first week at work looked in terms of clothes. Unfortunately, I was too busy (and sometimes too exhausted) to take photos, but a real girl will always find a solution, right? ;)

Day 1

Сет Day 1 пользователя Amaditis с cotton tees

Day 2

Day 2 by Amaditis featuring a lace tee

Day 3

Сет Day 3 пользователя Amaditis с denim short shorts

Day 4

Сет Day 4 пользователя Amaditis с flower tops

Day 5

Day 5 by Amaditis featuring a gathered skirt