Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to 19th century Ukraine

Today I came back home from a traditional Ukrainian fair named Sorochinsky Fair.Six hour trip there and the same amount of time to come back home - exhausting. But it really was worth it 100%! 

A huge area crowded by people who sell their crafts and talents, and gawkers ready to lay out big summs of money and bring home something handmade, memorable, and truly Ukrainian.

At once I felt like being a part of history. Sorochinsky Fair takes place since the 19th century.

It never was neither the most remarkable nor the biggest of Ukrainian fairs. It only became well known in Ukraine and abroad  thanks to Ukrainian and Russian dramatist and novelist Nikolai Gogol. He wrote about the Fair in several of his novels.

That is actually the Gogol museum and his bust behid me :)

 It always feels so strange and ridiculously nice to feel

 A ridiculous self-picture. Blah...


  1. Pretty pictures!
    Those types of fairs can be very interesting sometimes. Pretty pictures!

  2. :) wow i like these pics...beautiful places

  3. It looks like such a lovely fair. Those colours are always around me( proudly Ukrainian family!), and I love to see the handmade crafts and wares. xx

  4. cute pictueres (: I see you had a great time over there (:

  5. are you sure you didn't come to mexico? the souvenirs look identical :)

  6. Lovely honey!!!Those types of fairs can be very interesting and fynny. Amazing pictures!

  7. You are really cute!!! Love the photos =)


  8. love these photos! i love how everything is so colorful! the bag is gorgeous. xx

  9. Love this post! The fair looks amazing. All those handmade funky patterns and beads are wonderful.


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