Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dress Makeover

Hi guys! How are you? Today I decided to post something different, something you have never seen in my blog before. It somehow will reflect my musings about my sewing skills, and hopefully will inspire some of you to dare and try something new.

This white lace dress was thrifted by me back in December for a retro party we had at work. It suited the occasion perfectly and cost me about $3. Unfortunately, I don't have better pictures where you could see it fully. It was quite long (about 4 fingers lower than knees), with lacy sleeves and a little hole on the back of the skirt. Overall, I was happy with the retro  look I had that evening.

As you can probably see, the dress looked quite outdated and didn't follow the current fashion trends. But it was too beautiful to just throw away! So, having 0 sewing skills, I decided to update it a little bit. I figured, it didn't need to much of a change.

First of all, I cut off the sleeves as the were the main "old-school" detail of this dress. After that, I trimmed the lace to get rid of the long hanging ends that were sticking out in different directions.

After those easy7 manpulations the sewing part came, I took in the bottom of the dress for about 20 cm to shorten and give the dress a more modern and up to date look. Looks much better now, hah? :)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pocahontas version of me

Lately I have been highly inspired by the talent and photography of a young mother and photographer, Nirrimi. She is magical. Her photgraphs seem candid at the first look, but them you see that ever detail falls into place. Like a good puzzle, like you could have seen a perfect photo in your mind.

Obviously, I am too far from being as good as she is in posing, photgraphing, and expressing my thoughts in long, breathtaking articles. But at least, she inspired me to get out of the apartment and model for a small photoshoot.

I tried to fallow Nirrimi's  vision of free, independent, nature aware people that both look good and effortless in front of the camera.

Of course, this photoshoot didn't turn out perfectly and all that I wanted. It was just a more Native American or Pocahontas (that's what my friends thought) version of me. But, please, at least appreciate the effort. Haha :)