Thursday, August 25, 2011

To buy or not to buy?

Hu guys! Today I just really need your fashionable and rational opinion. So here is the thing: for the whole summer I was looking for a pair of brown sandals. Preferably, flats. But heels and platforms were just as OK. Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything that I would wear with pleasure and confidence. Now the summer is almost ended, I found a pair of cute brown high heels that look like that (and one more pair of those on platforms):
The roblem is - these babies are quite expensive. I am not really sure if it's worth the game to buy them now. Or is it beter to save money for cute autumn shoes? What do ya think?

Yeah, there is one more problem: my height is 180cm (5'10''). So I am indeed will look quite impressive wearing those HIGH heels. I usually prefer wearing something lower or flat!


  1. If you really love them, don't hesitate and buy them!
    Just think, are you really going to use them a lot? do they match with pieces in your wardrobe? are they on sale or can they go on sale? :)

  2. the shoes are beautiful and if you really love them/want them - then buy them.
    but if you want a rational advice - i think you can spend the money or save some more for autumn shoes/boots. i mean there isn't that much time to wear them and who knows how would you feel about them next summer.

  3. Save your money, and pick up a similar pair at a thriftstore! =)

  4. Oh honey, I was thinking the same...I've seen them for all summer time and I am still not sure about it...Btw, if you really love them, don't hesitate and buy them!

  5. save your money if you are not sure...


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