Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last summer florals

The last days of summer made me crave for floral textures, light textile, and fresh color even more. It resulted in a summery outfit like this. And bright coral lips like this. :)

White lace top was thrifted a few days ago. It appeare to be one size bigger than it was necessary. Still, it was so cute that I decided to buy it anyways and style the "extra" part of it to a cute "rose".

Do you still prefer to wear summer colors and textures, or slowly move into the autumn tendencies?


  1. Фантастичный топ с розами! С плиссе волшебно смотрится!

  2. I always love autumn clothes best, and want to start buying sweaters as soon as they come into stores, even when it's still hot outside :) I love your floral lace top, though- if I could find one like it, I might be more inclined to stick with summer clothes!

  3. ah, i love the summer and if it's up to me i'll wear sleeveless tops through the whole year. i just hate to have many clothes on me.

    the top is pretty and looks great with the skirt. i love pleated skirts.

  4. I still wear light clothes, it's so damn hot in here! i want summer to end already :( i'm getting so tanned and mad about feeling sick because of heat stroke u.u

    Pretty look <3

  5. Lovely, She is looking awesome and her outfit is charming.

  6. Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

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  8. Юбка просто супер! Такой красивый цвет!


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