Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year outfit inspiration

Where do you go when you need a little push on what you're gonna wear? More so if it's a special occasion? I honestly am a person that needs inspiration on a daily basis. In everything. I like to see pretty things and people and take bits and pieces of their beauty into my own world.
When it comes to outfits your, guys, blogs and are the places to go. Tomorrow is a New Year Eve and I seriously needed some injection of fashion insiration. Let me share some of my faves.

Sparkles, flowy materials, and flowers. For those who likes to look festive, but delicate. Would be perfect for a romantic New Year date ;)

The name of the look speaks for itself - "Like a Lady." I think this dress would be perfect for a more formal party, but you still look feminine and kind of hot!
HYPE this look "Like a Lady" by Micah Gianneli

If you are planning to keep your celebration on a casual side, a flirty skirt and a lace top would be a cute little duo. Top it up with a  nice hat and suede shoes.
HYPE this look "Neutrals" by Annika Victoria

Sequins just scream HOLIDAYS, FUN,  and WHOOHOO into your face! ;D That's why we love wearing those sparkly materials during the holiday time. Tone glitters down by a plain button up and black tights.

If you are a fashionista from head to toe and like to ROCK it leather, trendy burgundy color, and some edgy accessories will make you a queen of the party. And spikes, don't forget the spikes! 
HYPE this look "Just a bit Gaga" by Jessica Christ

On the go
If you are travelling and more concerned about keeping yourself warm and cozy, you still can look fun and sweet on the New Year's Eve. Cute sweater, a beanie, big scarf, and a bright bag will make a great travel-size festive outfit ;)
HYPE this look "Paris" by Mia Dd.

Last but not least, if you like it VIP, make sure to throw on some faux fur vest and keep it creamy and pastely on the color side. 
HYPE this look "Luxe" by Olivia Taylor

Which one do you like best? What are you planning to wear on the New Year's Eve?
Stay festive!


  1. lovely inspiration I like all of this!

  2. the shoes on the edgy look are sick!!!
    awesome inspo.. happy new year!

  3. The EDGY outfit is definitely my favorite! The heels are out of this world. Which means you can't walk in them on this world.:D At least not if you're me...:) Have a great evening today.;)

  4. so many amazing outfits!!!

    Wish you an amazing year 2013!
    Kisses, Lucy :)

  5. Best New Year wishes girl! Totally loved this post, your blog is just the coolest!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Nice post! Love the Festive outfit!

  7. Cute outfit! It looks so fresh!

    Come by soon ;)! xx

  8. ah so gorgeous! such a pair of sweet shoes


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