Monday, April 18, 2011

10 Things I Love

So, here is the deal. Today Deniz Saatcioglu tagged me in the post 10 Things I Love and I feel like I need to follow the rules and make a similar post. Let's spread some love, or so they say! :) Moreover, it might be fun to recover the memory of all those things I really love.
So... In random order, I love:

1) + 2) I love my family and my friends! And just adore the pictures from my childhood! Just look how typical of a Soviet family we were! :D

3)Beaches and the sea! That's me last summer near the Baltic sea! Funny fact: I am actually wearing 3D glasses my friend has stolen from the cinema! We thought they looked cool for the pictures! Hehe...
4) Being in our family country house. It's old and not very good looking, but it brings me peace, when I wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing...
5) Experimenting with my looks... in private! Hehe
6) Being a photographer. It's inherited, as both of my parents are photographers. My grandfather was a photographer as well.
7) Being a model. That also comes from my childhood, when my parents-photographers were "using" me as a free model all the time! Haha..
8) Painting my nails. I think, I have this passion, because I wasn't allowed to polish nails as a child (till 15 or 16), so now I compensate!

9) I love my cat! His name is Jazz and he is nasty, naughty, fat, but so adorable!
10) Ukrainian sunsets...
What are some of the things you, guys, love? :)


  1. What a sweet post- I love all of the photos, but especially the one of you wearing a mask... You look stunning!

  2. amazing your post!! thanks for commingo into my blog, it's nice to meet your's!


  3. Really great post. I love your 10 things and the fact that as you are a photographer you have illustrated them with pictures. Xxxx

  4. cute cat! and love the things you like, it's very similar to my list as well :D

  5. great list! i love beaches, and experimenting with my look (in private) as well! :)

    i finally cut my hair!

  6. haha your cat is so cute! great name too


  7. oh my goodness you are so pretty! it's hard to tell with your profile picture because it's so tiny. i can see why your parents used you as a model :)
    and i reallllyyyy like the nail polish. i've been dying to try the new spin on a french manicure.

  8. Beautiful pcitures!

    Aawww.. Jazz is just the cutest!


  9. Beautiful post! Your cat has gorgeous eyes. You are so lovely! These pictures are great!

  10. i always enjoy reading these kinds of posts and learning more about the person in the fashion photos. xx

  11. Hi! You have a very interesting blog:)
    I invite you to my blog!
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  12. great photos!!!xx

  13. i love your post...photograher family ^^
    i love the Ukrainian's sunset ^^ and your picture in the beach, so pretty ^^
    nice blog, i'm new in blogging world ^^

  14. you look so beautiful in the pic with the shawl. love it
    Lydz xX

  15. You look beautiful in the "experimental" pic! And I love to paint my nails, too :)

  16. You are stunning my dear in every single pic, and the landscape in some of your immages makes me so much want to go there + your cat is terrific...soooo cute! LOVE IT!xxx

  17. i must say, we love all of the same things! i would put family and friends at the top of my list too! and experimienting with looks in private... yup! i always do insane makeup and then take it off before i go out :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. What a great list!! I love the gorgeous pedicure, it looks like a must try -SO fun. And your cat Jazz, aww, what a cutie. Hope your having a fab, fab week. xx veronika

  19. Thanks for this post!!!It's so nice to know something more about people you know only by photos.

  20. i need to have more discipline to polish my nails!

  21. Love this post, and the pictures are simply beautiful. The first one is very special, your brother's school uniform brought back memories from my childhood :)

    Many kisses.

  22. beautiful nails! :D I love traveling, coffee from starbucks.. watching tv on sunday and doing anything more, music, gym.. MY FRIENDS haha I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  23. Love this post. I love my BF, painting my nails, good korean food, going out to dinner, watching a great movie in the theater, theater popcorn and holidays with my family. Oh yea and I ADORE the sun / beach. :) Love your nails btw I like to paint mine as well! I have a huge collection of nail polish!

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  24. Nice post, nice pictures, love them all.

    On the third picture you look like Keira Knightley very much. Has anyone told you that?

    Thanks for your sweet comment


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