Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the edge between exams and Fall break

Hello, I am Sasha. Student of English language and Literature department who actually wishes for more creative occupation. 

My grandfather, me parents - they are photographers. How could I ignore the call of blood and not to take the camera in my hands? There was no such a way. So I tried..and I continued trying.
I am not even half as good as my parents, or some of my favorite photographers (from DeviantArt and Flickr), but I try hard. May be some day someone will be really interested in giving me an advice, so I develope... We'll see.

For now I am so busy with my exams (thanks God, tomorrow is the last one!), that I barely have time to take photos. I envy people who manage to do studies and continue with their 365 projects. You are strong, talented, and brave! :)
Tomorrow I am taking pictures of the one of my teachers (for the student newspaper). She is such a sweetheart! Nothing really artistic will be involved in it, but I am so ready to photograph all her smiles and cute faces! :)
For now all I have is some photos from beginning of October photoshoot. Those are pictures of of my friend, Nastia taken by me. :)
This one was created under the concept of the"Fall of Men" :)

You can also look at some of my works on:
DeviantArt -
Flickr -
Thanks! :)

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