Thursday, January 24, 2013

Useful links. Online reading list for January

It's been a week since I posted my New Year's Resolutions wholeheartedly beleiving that making them public will make me actually follow them. Well...I didn't, OK? I still forget to moisturize my skin, I didn't write 2-3 blog posts this past week, I most certainly neither left my job nore decided on my photography career. 

And you know what? I feel like it's OK to take the changes slowly (Fine! Moisturizing doesn't have to be that complicated!). I am figuring things out step by step, without making fast decisions. I don't want to rush, because it feels like I'm stapping on a completely new path of my life and want to choose the right one. I also know that it's OK to make mistakes, but why make one if it can be avoided?

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But don't think I have been absolutely ignoring my Resolutions. I have been "digging" around the Internet for relevant information which would support my ideas and arm me with new knowledge on the topic. Here's a few of my favorites:

- Leaving Work Behind  - it directly applies to my Resolution #4. This is a blog of a guy named Tom who left his full-time job in the end of 2011 to pursue freelancing. He mostly concentrates on Online Freelancing, but also gives invaluable advice on how to quit you job. As wierd as it sounds. I find the reflection of myself reading his early posts, when he muses on the topics of: 8 Ways To Survive Your Day Job (Whilst You Need To)17 Tips To Make Time For Your Business When You Have A Full Time JobHow To Quit Your Job, and 5 Reasons Why Quitting Your Job Is Awesome.

- The Middle Finger Project (yes, that's the real name) - great website on enterpreneurship. The host, Ash, is hillarious, smrt and to the point in her teachings. Some of the products you'll have to buy, but there is a free E-Course: "Guide to: Getting off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus and Jump Starting Your Biz." Sounds like ot was written FOR me and ABOUT me. You can subsribe to it from the main page of the website. You're welcome. 

- YesAndYes - right now it is my go to blog for reading some life advice and self-motivation. It is written by Sarah Von Bargen, who refers to her blog funny, smart and offering varied content - and she sure is not lying. Definitely chekc her most popular blog posts. Worth reading!

- Alex Beadon Photography - a blog created by a young photographer Alex Beadon. When she was just starting out, she had a hard tome finding tutorials and guidance on starting photography business and photography in general. That's why she started herblog and Youtube channel to help and guide young photographers all over the world. I adore watching her Chatty Tuesdays videos, I find them informative and inspiring. Way to go, Alex!

- Photography Concentrate - a very fun and informative photography and business blog written by Rob and Lauren Lim.  I'm currently loving their post on 26 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Photography BusinessAlso, definitely go check out their freebies, which include a book on Marketing and a book on confidence, Lightroom presets, and some more awesome stuff.

There are a few more interesting articles I found on marketing your start-up business, developing your own style in photography, and succesfully managing your website and blog. I usually pin the links to Pinterest. So, if you'd like to stay tuned to my research, definitely follow me on Pinterest (sashita).

Now Iam thinking on a proper wat to put some structure to my chaotic learning process. Because I am that kind of person who will read tons of information, jumping from one source to another, and confuse myself to death. That's why I need to take notes and make bookmarks in the process - so after I finish reading I have all the key points on paper in front of my eyes. It makes me feel secure when I know I can open a notebook and read them once again without having to find the source and read the whole thing from the start.

Any advice on structurizing the learning  process?

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest


  1. i am inspired, great post sweets.

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  8. beautiful post, i am following!!!! i hope u do the same.

  9. Lol love this. Slowly but surely. Steady is the way to go most times.


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