Monday, May 20, 2013


This is the first time a wear this dress, even thought I bought it almost a year ago. All my friends are amazed of how patient I am with the new clothes. I can wait forever untl I finally feel that this is THE moment and I need to wear them. :)
 You probably can't really see, but the dress covered with little white anchors. I find the combiation of anchors and girly ruches charming. For even more feminine look I added this thin floral crown and my Asos sandals. What do you think?
RUS: Это платье Gloria Jeans я одела впервые, хотя и купила его около года назад. Я ввожу всех своих подруг в замешательство тем фактом, что я настолько терпелива  по отношению к новым вещам. Я могу не одевать новые вещи месяцами, пока не почувствую, что пришло их время. Сама не знаю, почему... :)
Вам, наверное, не очень видно на фото, но платье усыпано маленькими белыми якорями. Сочетание якорей и милых рюш почему-то кажется мне очаровательным. Для подкрепления женственности данного лука, я добавила тонкую цветочную корону из Centro и коричневые сандалии от Asos. Что скажете?



  1. lovely photos and dress <3

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  2. I do that too, I rarely wear something as soon as I buy it. It has to marinate or something.:D And I really like the dress and the shots, it really all comes together, like an editorial!!

  3. omg! such and amazing minidress!!
    definitely i stay here, love this
    Sergio, xx

  4. Such a pretty dress! I wish it was that Summery where I am.

  5. Beautiful pictures. The dress looks lovely on you. So pretty

  6. What a sweet dress!


  7. that's a really cute dress!!!! you look beautiful!
    I couldn't wait that long to wear something new!!! hahaah

  8. Oh my you've got so much patience and restraint
    me? I'd make an excuse to go out when I have a new dress.

    Your dress is beautiful
    love the slim belt.

  9. милый веночек)

  10. Beautiful dress, totally my style. So pretty. I love everything about these photos.

  11. Beautiful photographs + beautiful dress + beautiful lady! Such a lovely post all together! Also, I loved your DIY blackhead remover post; so helpful! x

  12. I'm amazed at how patient you are with your new clothes, too, Sasha! Although I admit that I am getting better at waiting for the right time to wear things, I used to get so excited about new things, it was all I could do not to wear them out of the store :) Waiting for the right moment certainly paid off in this case - these photos are stunning.

  13. ahha!! I feel you!! I can wait for a year to wear new clothes too!! :)
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  14. You got the taste Shasa! lovely photo and dress,.. nad of course, you looks pretty !

    Beny R,!/

  15. So fabulous! Looking good!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  16. Love the floral vibe of your look! You look stunning! :)
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  17. Очень жаль, что якорьков не видно! Очень классный принт, наверное!

  18. These photos are so lovely! You are so beautiful!

    Juliette Laura


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