Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mustard and apple pie

Long time no see. Apparently, I find very problematic to find a person who would photograph my daily outfits. Everyone seem to be so busy! Thus, you will get to see my self-portraits for a while. Hope you don't mind, hah! :)

Tadaaaa - this is my newly thrifted mustard dress. During my lunch I was looking through the piles of clothig in the thrift store. When I was ready to leave (with a few nice finds, of course), I spotted this lovely trendy color in the dresses section! I couldn't leave it homeless, you know. I was dying to find something yellow, orange, mustard. When you know what you want, you eventually get it!

 This is just a lovely lilac broche I thought would look lovely with this dress.

And later in the evening I made an apple pie. A yummy one. Finally!


  1. Платье очень красивое!И пирог выглядит вкусно)

  2. You look so pretty :) And what a great find your new dress is, love the little purple flower, so cute :)

    classy & fabulous

    Hugs and kisses.

  3. Omg I can relate to the picture issue so much! Haha I work and by the time I get off work it's either too late or everyone already made plans. I just wish I lived with my boyfriend so I could make him do it lol. I think self portraits are awesome and you look super cute. Apple pie yum!


  4. Well done on your portrait shot it is great and you look wonderful. The purple broach really works with you new mustard dress. Xxxx

  5. congrats for finding such a nice piece!! the color is gorgeous on you <3!!

  6. I have the SAME problem trying to find photographers. And I'm just too shy to get out a tripod and photograph myself outside. Love the first photo of you xo

  7. incredible dress honey, i really love it!


  8. i love the color of your dress!
    <3 steffy

  9. I love your dress, the colour is gorgeous! <3

  10. ha ha haaa i know what u talking, when u say there is no on who could take a picture...well i have my son but he is just 3 years old so...well never mind there is more intresting things out ur dress so amazng the colour and the flower love it love it....

  11. a mustard dress with a lilac brroch.. hmm excellent combination!!


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