Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer good-byes

Last weekend I was breathing in the last days of summer. The best air is always in the country side. The best place to eat this last spoon of summer is among the trees and wild flowers, hearing the good-bye songs of the leaving birds, and warming up at the fire during the chilly nights.

Good-bye, summer...


  1. i'm sad to see summer go too but i'm ready for something new! fall!

  2. I am so sad that summer is over :( I'm ready for fall, but I'm really not ready for the fall semester of classes. Yuck.

  3. cute flower! i'm sad to say farewell to summer. xx

  4. Such a nostalgic post, and lovely pictures :)

    classy & fabulous


  5. very nice pictures :) i won't miss summer, i hate it x( haha

  6. very nice shots. I love your artistic sense!


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