Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Thigs that make me terribly Happy

A few days ago I have discovered the loveliest blog called Rockstar Diaries. Its awesome host, Naomi, had an awesome idea of once in a while posting a list of things that make you terribly happy. I think it helps to cherish the little things and make life brighter. It makes you think of good stuff, rather than overanalyzing the troubles...

So, here is my first post on 10 happy things that made my life better recently.

1. my family. little talks, and inside jokes.
2. my cat's snuggles
3. my new cute red winter boots, which I have no clue what to wear with. but they are just adorable.
4. my crafting attempts
5. my sewing attempts
6. shopping (including thrifting and craft materials shopping)
7. sweets
8. when people take me for who I am
9. our 10-minute-relaxing joke sessions at work
10. hugs

Meet Naomi and her lovely husband Josh:

Postcards From Italy from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.

And their adorable baby-girl Eleanor


  1. awww

  2. Я прям обожать стала обниматься))) это так поднимает настроение, покажи красные туфельки, заинтриговала))

  3. such a cute post <3!! i love shopping and sweets too, I'm going to think about more things that make me happy :)

  4. OMG! Eleanor is soooo cute.

    Thanks for the vote honey, I really appreciate it.

  5. oh goodness gracious... baby eleanor is just too cute for words!

    x jamie


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