Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest post: Steffys Pros and Cons on Blog Sponsorship

Wooohooo! Here is a guest post from  Steffys Pros and Cons that I've promised you, guys, two days ago!

Tomorrow is the 1st of December. It's a new month, a new season, and thus, the right time to try something new, to grow, and expand your horizons. And if we talk 'blogging' here, the 1st of December would be the perfect time to find your blog new (or the first ones ever) sponsors!

Adorable Steffy from Steffys Pros and Cons kindly agreed to answer a few essential questions out and about getting someone to sponsor your blog. Enjoy!

Where do you find sponsors? 
I publish a post at the end of each month asking for new sponsors, and they e-mail/contact me because they feel my blog fits the image of their company. So they come to me :)

Do you ever contact someone first, suggesting that they could sponsor you? Or always wait until someone approaches you? 
Nope, I dont contact them. I feel it is up to a company to decide if they feel i am a good fit, not up to me!

How do you communicate with them? 
We always communicate through e-mail after they initially contact me :)

What are the specifics of working with sponsors? 
I accept all payment through paypal, and they choose to have an ad on my blog on a month by month basis. I also offer the option to host a giveaway on my blog during the month of sponsorship.

What do you usually get for hosting the sponsor's links and giveways on your page? 
I usually gain new followers from the giveaways (sometimes) and i get happiness out of providing great clothes for free to my followers! I love my followers and want to offer them fun giveaways so they are happy visiting my blog :)

Do you usually get any goods (discounts, gifts) from your sponsors?
Yes, my sponsors usually send me an item to style, or they offer a discount code for my readers.

What do they have out of sponsoring you?
 They get to gain exposure by offering the giveaway/ sponsoring. 

What about giveways, how do they work? 
When a company offers a giveaway to my readers, they usually give me the option to present the giveaway post any way i choose. I usually will either style an item from their company or I will create a collage of my favorite items from their company. Then I pick a winner about a week later and send all of the winners information to the company so they can send the winner their merchandise :) it is quite simple!

Who sends out the "Giveway" item - you or the sponsor of the giveway?
The sponsor takes care of sending out the giveaway item.

Thank you, Steffy!!


  1. I am such a huge fan of Steffy, and her sponsoring tips were great, thank you for featuring her!
    xo Cara

  2. This post is fantastic, such great tips! Love her blog so much!


  3. The first outfit look so sweet!!!

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  5. wow looks so easy! but of course, she's so beautiful and stylish <3

  6. Amazing interview, I love Steffy, she is so cute <3

  7. amazing blog!!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine do the same!!!

  8. love her! and you! Great questions, I didnt even know all that stuff lol



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