Thursday, November 3, 2011

This baby is coming soon

See, I am becoming a sucker at ordering things online. I am always nervous that the item would be really different from what I've expected after seeing it on the picture... We'll se how this one goes. I have ordered a cute fur bag for winter. It is supposed to come by the end of this month.

Let's hope that the quality and the look of this bag would be great! Moreover, today my ONLY skirts are coming! Can't wait to see and try them on!


  1. yeah online shopping is totally awesome cause you get stuff you wouldnt find in shops around you! just hate the waiting part ;)
    super cute bag, totally love it!
    xoxo, saskia

  2. looks like a cool bag!


  3. it's amazing! hope it looks the same in person :)

  4. WOOHOOO. I love the furry trend going on. I think it's so fun! Great find!

  5. Beautiful. I hope the wait is s short one. Xxxx

  6. Thank you again for your lovely comment. I appreciate your words. I can assure you that I am entirely grateful for the friendship I did have with Michelle; I know I will never forget it, that is for sure.

    Also, A FUR PURSE. :)


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