Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello! How are you? Is autumn getting to you like it did to us? It becomes colder and colder, and it even SNOWED already! It's crazy! :) I just had to pull out my brand new 'bear' hat and be all fancy about that! ;D So, here are some random shots from a random day in the city with my parents.

P.S. I just noticed that my hair looks like it has highlights. But it's not even dyed! It's my natural color... So wierd, but I like it!
Всем привет! У вас тоже уже осень осенняя, как у нас? С каждым днем все холоднее и уже даже был снег. СНЕГ, в октябре! С ума сойти! :) Ну, вы ведь понимаете, мне просто пришлось достать свою новую "мишкину" шапку с ушками! :) Вот несколько фото с выходного дня, проведенного с родителями.

P.S. Кстати, не могла не отметить, что на этих фотографиях мои волосы выглядят так, будто в них есть высветленные пряди/мелир. Но все дело в том, что мои волосы не окрашены (и никогда не были!). Я подразумеваю, что так они выгорели за лето... Странно, но мне это даже нравится!

 Hat - Cropp Town
Шапка - Cropp Town

 The ugliest fish'n'chips in history...
Самые ужасные фиш'н'чипс, которые я пробовала...

Delicious candy and herbal tea  (it had REAL camomile, not even dried one!) in a local Chocolate Cafe
Вкусняшка-конфетка и травяной чай (в нем была НАСТОЯЩАЯ ромашка...даже не сушенная, а такая, как в поле растет!) в местной Шоколаднице


  1. Just found your blog, and absolutely LOVING it so far. Love your hair, too. I'm sure that most women will find that quite enviable, especially since you don't even have to dye it to get those great highlights!

    Now following.


  2. Love your hair! These pics are lovely.

    Alexandra xo

  3. Какая озорная шапка! И Вы такая милая на этих фотографиях!

  4. thanks for your sweet comment :)
    btw, your incredibly beautiful!

  5. It looks cold but cozy where you are, and you look pretty and happy!

  6. you look so gorgeous <3

  7. Adorable fluffy hat! Looks so cozy warm :)


  8. I love that hat, so cute! And a chocolate cafe?? I didn't know such wonderful things existed! Chocolate + tea = heaven!

    Kaylee Nicole
    Wild Flower

  9. It's getting colder here in Paris, but I definitely don't need a bear hat :) Yours looks so cute, though, and your hair is looking just gorgeous. So envious that it's all natural!

  10. beautiful photos :)
    thanks for your comment :) I'm not a model ;)

  11. Thanks! Beautiful pics. And your hat is so cute :D

  12. you are so cute!!! You have the best style! Im now following and cannot wait to read more girlie!:)


  13. :))) и мне такой чай нужен!!

  14. Your bear hat is really cute! Perfect for cold weather. It does look like you have hi-lights but maybe they're natural from the sun? That happens to me in the summer I get reddish streaks in my hair.

  15. you look beautiful in all of these photos. and i really love your hat! so cute!


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