Monday, March 14, 2011

What they wear

 Halo, meine lieben! Wooo-hoo! I am finally back from Berlin and Stockholm. Back to routine and studies, but full of emotions and impressions!

Thank you so much to those of you, who supported me while I was away and left such lovely comments! <3

Berlin was awesome, I have to say. It is a city of contrasts, street art, stylish people, and historic memory. Millions of tourists invade the place every week, you almost never see a real German there. But as soon as you get away from the memorials and main city attractions, you dive into the spirit of original German capital. I always perceive German language and people as a bit rough, stright forward... But they are the sweetest people, and language that comes from their lips is COMPLETELY different from what those non-native speakers try to teach us. One conclusion was made - learn German from a native speaker. Beautiful language!
Now, Stockholm was a surprise. The city is so diverse and multicultural, you almost feel like you are constantly moving between the countries, not the streets. I was really surprised by sense of fashion that is almost tangible on the streets of Stockholm. Even old ladies wear red lipstick, trendy coat and nice hat! They are amazing! In Stickholm I felt like I'm on the carnival of good taste going on between numerous colorful walls and towers of buildings. Adorable!

 Being in two big capitals I spotted the most popular trends the girls on the street rock all the way from Berlin to Stockholm.

What was there

Parka appeared to be a favorite outwear of fashionistas, especially in Stockholm where it's still a bit cold. Jeans shorts are owning the streets of these capitals as well as nude tops and blouses, pared with statement necklece. Round sunglasses just add edge to any outfit and red lipstick makes a woman to stand out from the crowd. Great fashion lesson, fashionistas of Stockholm and Berlin!


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  1. thank you for your comment girl :)

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  2. Adore this, and I love the street style in Europe. It has a certain laid back feel to it, but unbelievably chic AND I love your style sheet, just beautiful! xx veronika


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