Friday, March 25, 2011

New buy!

Hey, guys! I am writing this post to share my purely girly happiness over a new H&M ring I've bought for myself! Here is the lovely

Love it!

It is so universal. It suits any outfit of any color, seriously. So, I think, I will soon make some photos with me wearing it with different outfits!
Now, I think I have a serious crach on big massive rings! What do you think of these?


Love it!

Love it!

Look: Ana Claudia Ferreira da Silva

Love it!

Michal Negrin Jewelry Circle Shape Printed Cameo Adjustable Ring

Love it!

Printed Heart Ring

Love it!


  1. love them all, especially the heart-shaped one!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. кольца все понравились!особенно первое из HM

  3. You found a great ring. I love the other ones too. I really love rings, but every time I try one on, it can never fit me. It just falls right off. I still need to find a place that sells small enough rings.

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  5. wow! I have your ring in orange fluor color :) it's so nice, isn't it?

    From the others I like the first one anf the second are they from H&M??

    regards from

  6. wonderful rings, thanks for commenting on my blog miss,iM FOLLOWING YOU NOW why dont you follow me back ?? kiss


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