Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smells like teen spirit

See, today I feel like a careless rock chic.  So the outfit and make-up corresponded with my overall mood. Smoky eyes, black nail polish, and the whole body totally wrapped up in black and white clothes. And a pair of kedds on my feet. I felt like a total teenager!
 I also added some huge ass jewelerry to highlight my careless attitude this day. No need to say that I made a few dumb pictures... like this one, for instanse.
 The black leather vest is trifted and I am totally in love with it. It is so comfy, warm, and stylish. And I have no idea where did I get this ring... But I like it. It's huge, shiny, and very heavy, but  definitely adds some edge to the whole outfit.



  1. nice girl! I love your hair style.. I wish I could wear that hair cut but I'm affraid of cutting my hair!
    oh, I like the ring 2!

    thank's for passing by!

  2. haha! nice try but I thik I will leave my hair like this, I want it to be more long actually!

    thank's for your argument :P

    I'm following you!

    regards from

  3. Gorgeous, I'm loving this look on you and your hair looks awesome too! Have a great weekend. xx veronika

  4. I love the first photo!


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