Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring time!

 The srping is FINALLY here, and I feel the unidentified urge to wear something bright! So, I was looking through the ShopCuffs lately and found an amazing vibrant red sweater! It looks gorgeously and satisfyingly bright and colorful, and moreover it's warm enough (to be honest, the weather here is pretty much out of notice that the spring as come).

Love it!

So, how about a few stylish combos with this lovely?


Michael Kors elastic waist skirt
$1,195 -
Alice by Temperley high waisted leather short
340 GBP -

Emilio Pucci high heel sandal
$990 -
Christian louboutin heels
$1,165 -
Beading necklace
Vintage jewelry
$225 -


  1. I need a pleated skirt like this! The red sweater is also gorgeous. I wanna try some color in Spring.

  2. You're right! Italy is so not a place for a diet;)! Nice sweater!

  3. i love that outfit. you've totally inspired me to dig out my high waist leather shorts!

  4. amada i am rooting through the closet tonight for my leather shorts. werk! thx girl!

  5. love the orange top with the green skirt! xo

  6. look очень классный)
    А вобще - отмечу твой замечательный цвет волос!


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