Friday, February 25, 2011

Color Unblock

I am following numerous fashion blogs and magazines. It is pretty hard to ingor the colors that are poppoing up here and there for already few months! Color block, or so they call it. I would rather call it the color revelation, "unblocking" yourself from black, grey, and brown of the winter season and trying on the clothes that brings proper mood by itself!
Color Block
Graphic tank top
$25 -
Acne summer jacket
490 GBP -
Pleated skirt
57 GBP -
Glitter shoes
$50 -
Christian louboutin heel
$895 -
Leather zip wallet
45 GBP -
Rue21 peacock earring
$5.99 -
$50 -

Be bright! 



  1. i'm loving all the bright colors mixed together too!

  2. love the green & pink together! xo

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  3. LOVE that green jacket!

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