Monday, February 14, 2011

Mate for the date!

Hello, sweethearts! Happy Valentine's Day! 
So, you tell me - what are your plans for this romantic holiday? Home date with ice-cream and movies - exactly what lovely Syd from The Daybook and her husband did? Or making it very special and individual as Grace and Michael from the This-Grace did? Moveis? Club? Restaurant? Just a walk? Trust me, whatever you decide to do, if there is someone to share this day with, you'll be great! Even if this someone is you best friend or your lovely mom!
Nevertheless, you will want to look cute and chic on this romantic night.Right? So, even if you are planning to eat  the whole lot of chocolate and cry over a romantic comedy, at least wear something appropriate, OK? It will make you feel special if by any means you still don't feel it. Hear me out - you are the best! Just show it to others!
Here some outfits featured in February issue of Elle (RU)
Going to the movies choosesomething comfortable, even casual, but, nonetheless, romantic casual.
Going to the restaurant(even if the Starbucks replaces the restaurant for you), you just have to look stunning, but at ease.Pink will be tuned down by black, I promise. Not even saying that a combo of these two is awesomly chic!
 Now, going to the club, don't just be another glittering glam-girl.Be different, be classy, elegant, and smoking sexy in white jacket, resembling a tuxedo, and little black dress.
Now, if you choose to dress up and stay laying in bad with a huge pack of ice-cream... Just make a quick photo and show it to me! You are a person the most devoted to the fashion world!  You are my hero! I wouldn't find inner strength to do that...



  1. Lovely dear, thank you so much for mentioning me and Michael (love it!!!) on your 'tastic blog. I really apreciate it. : )xxxx

  2. Btw love the first and third outfit. They are great honey! new follower. : )

  3. great outfits!!!!!!!

    nice blog,

  4. Your style sheets are absolutely beautiful as is your blog. And the shoes, those gorgeous shoes. Sigh. You have great taste, wonderful to meet your bloggy. xx veronika

  5. great styles

    Love ♥♥♥


  6. buenas combinaciones! me encantaron todos los outfits!

    xx, Monse.-


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