Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some style from Russian magazine

Hello, lovelies! xo
Today's been a crazy day. You know what is one disadvantage of living in the sea-town? The constantly changing weather! I am telling you, in the morning it was so shiny I could barely open my eyes. However, it started sowing like in a flash! Not just sweetly snowing-Christmas-card image. But a real snowstorm! And then in 10 minutes it was sunny..and in 5 minutes it was snowing again! Crazy!

Now, enought complains, closer to the topic. So, I figured (what a discovery, indeed!) that a lot of bloggers do no know Russian and don't really pay attention to Russian issues of popular magazines. And they have some really nice stuff, peeps! So, I'll try to keep you updated on the most interesting part of those magazines. I  promise some cute staff from the English-speaking issues as well! ;)

So, today, a fashion post from Elle RU

We are still rockin' black color and leather + looking at the world through cute nerdy glasses)

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