Friday, February 11, 2011

Continuing the jeans topic

So, yesterday I posted the Company magazine's picks in our favorite jeans world. According to my comments section, which is not terribly popular, at least two people liked the post. So I thought it would be great to add some more accents on this season's jeans fashion.

This time it's a February'11 Glamour magazine's  picks in the post called "Blue Dream". Oh, these fashion industry people just know us too well!
So, dresses and mini skirts are on the menu, flavoured with some hot accessories

Denim jacket and jeans are never out of fashion, just find your perfect match!

Last post on jeans has covered the variety of wearing jeans shirts. Add some not-so-skinny jeans in your wardrobe as well. They go perfectly with popular army or biker boots and heels.

I hope it was somewhat helpful, ladies!



  1. Great blog! :)

    Love the outfits + title

    x X

  2. Thank you Amanda. :)

    I love your name btw. I always wanted to be called Amanda. It's such a lovely name. Don't you think?

    PS. Cranberries make for excellent snacks!

    x X

  3. love this kind of fashion related stuff. Keep posting this useful info.


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