Friday, February 18, 2011

Maxi-skirt combinations

 I have created a few combinations with a nude maxi skirt for you! Sooo, the first one is rather a walking-romantic style. Not so serious and very playful combo. Your best friend's child will be excited for the Mickey Mouse part of it! ;)
Blue Dragonfly

The second one is an outfit for going out. Black top with some sparkle, red lips, and heels. If you decide to go out during the daytime, so elegant and sexi, be kind to men around - at least wear the converse!


The third one is comfy  combo. You can go to work or for a walk in the park. The grey cardigan will keep you warm.




  1. Nice combinations!
    I just bought 2 maxi skirts and also fabric to make another 2 maxi skirts =D

  2. Thanks for sharing! Nice combinations.
    Bought a maxi dress one week ago, can't wait to wear it!

    x Robine

  3. Wauw that's so pretty!

    Follow my blog if you like :)


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