Sunday, February 20, 2011

My wishlist for the next month

Now, I am not structurally aimed at the high washion. Rather looking good and feeling good in what I am wearing. This months my favorite colors are blue, nude-pink, and beige. I selected my wishlist accordingly. Moreover, I am dying to buy one of those classy pants with rolled trouser legs and lacy skirt. They are so feminine! With the summer comming I desparately need sunglasses. The one I had I ruthlessly destroyed stepping on them with my knee, while they were piecfully laying on my bed... Never ever put your glasses on the bed - it;s dangerous!

My whishlist
Spring Sophia Dress
$248 -
Summer dresses »
Chambray Easy Pant by Tibi
264 GBP -
Pleated pants »
130 GBP -
Leather boots »
PS1 Large Shoulder Bag
$1,995 -
Leather shoulder bags »
Studded Leather Tote
$1,795 -
Leather tote bags »
Gold Chain Link Toggle Bracelet
$62 -
Gold bracelets »

So, as far as I have chosen crazy expensive items, I think that will be a right time to go thrift shopping. I love this thing. Not only it fills my wardrobe with chip and cute clothes, but brings me moral pleasure. I can choose and look, and try on the clothes for hours! If only they had more fitting rooms. Ha ha.. Two is not enough. Not at all!
I'd like to know your opinion, known fashionistas. It is way too important for me!

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